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DADWA Message-update 05-12-201:

  • DADWA’s has filed Caveat in Supreme Court in HAG Promotion Case.

  • DADWA’s SLP in Supreme Court about retirement age is now listed for 16-12-14

  • And DADWA eagerly awaits 2015 for the gifts it has in store for all of us!

The year 2014 is on its way out and countdown for arrival of new-year 2015 has begun. We all wonder what the coming year has store for the service doctors. ‘Achche din aaney wale hain’ but we should also prepare to work hard as well to be there. A lot will depend on how Modi ji is able to translate his vision into action and will change the attitude of Indian red-tape. Will the GOI keep its promise of 1991 that CHS would be lifted up to be one of the best amongst 60 odd Group-A services? Answer lays in hands of service doctors especially the seniors who will have to protect their honor and their positions honor to claim what rightfully belongs to them. Then only the benefits will accrue to those who follow them. Friends we remain one of the most important stake-holders of the health system that we serve and run. We should be acutely aware of our duties and responsibilities on one side and the authority vested in us on the other. We have to believe that we matter and that our collective voice and effort will improve the health of our citizen. It is in this light we should try to set-up the agenda for 2015!

Cadre Control of CHS/DHS: All said and done, there is a growing perception that CHS is being allowed to decay and meet slow death. Please note that its size is dwindling, posts are vacant, new posts are not being created despite the growing health demand. At a time when there is paucity of doctors, a large workforce is being made to retire in CHS/DHS. Non-technical personnel on the other hand are being inducted into the domain of health-administration refusing to believe that it is a recognized medical specialty. NRHM, a mission-mode program designed to assist the regular health system is being used for usurping the powers of the directorates of health and family welfare. The cadre control authorities of CHS (the IAS) sleep and oversee demolition of the cadre with no responsibility. On the other hand deliberate delays and hurdles are created in whatever rightfully belongs to us. For example benefits of 6th PC are still denied forcing us to approach the court. We hope that the MOHFW under the leadership of our dynamic Prime Minister would take note and act favorably.

Please come out with your views on this subject on this website and help us set agenda for 2015!

In a recent press conference, Health Department of Delhi Govt. showcased its achievements. It boasted of recruiting a large number of doctors and nurses into the health system but tactfully suppressed the fact that too little was done too late. It is true that the present team of H&FW Department was not responsible for this situation but they should accept the mistakes of the past and try to rectify. At least acceptance would assuage the feelings of those who are about to lose their jobs who worked on contract for years, spent the prime of their professional life serving the department.

Economic Times recently reported that Government of India is contemplating to reduce retirement age for government servants to 58 years ostensibly to make civil services younger and to reduce the wage-bill of the government. The latter thinking is based on the calculation that a civil servant costs much more at fag-end of his/her career than at entry level. The question that our decision makers have answer is “what is cost of experience?”

There is another angle to it.  A Generalist civil servant say an IAS entrant undergoes training for almost a year with full pay and later gains experience while on the job. Most would do their PG and sometimes Ph.D. while in service. The government not only pays for their training or PG but also bear the cost of being inexperienced and of the inadvertent mistakes committed by them. On the other hand members of a technical like doctors in CHS or DHS are not subjected to such elaborate training and almost 25% of them are already post-graduates. Besides they enter late in service and if they are made to retire at 58 years of age when life-expectancy is increasing, whose loss is it? We also fail to see a serious effort to manage this human resource professionally in fact what we truly see is only ‘mismanagement’.

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