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DADWA message update 19-1-2015:

Delhi’s weather is changing; the bitter cold is giving way to the Spring; Good days will be coming …

`Delhi is in election mode; Government staff on election duty while the citizen of Delhi face a Swine Flu challenge; Hospitals however are left to fend for themselves with model code of conduct requires all tendering, advertisements, recruitment, transfers etc. to be put on hold unless permitted by someone in election commission. It is surprising as to why that someone can decide but not the MS of the hospital or the Secretary Health!

It is equally interesting that on last working day before the model code of conduct came into existence (12-1-15) our own H&FW Department of GNCTD chose to carry transfers of Medical Superintendents of three hospitals on undisclosed grounds. Already this department has carried out a record number of transfers of heads of institutions in just one year since Dec. 2013. Several members have felt that H&FW department has applied ‘pick & choose’ policy and disregarded the norms of seniority. This department continues to ‘forget’ to release the seniority list of DHS Officers of various grades while following the seniority norms for posting in IAS, DANICS and other services. The babus who are so good in managing their own cadres are so inept to manage the cadre of Delhi Health Service? DADWA calls upon all service doctors and their associations to protest and oppose such moves in future.

This is also the time for service doctors to apprise and educate various CM and HM aspirants of all political parties about the priorities in health and of mismanagement of health manpower. 

DADWA’s SLP in Supreme Court about rationalization of retirement age that is due for hearing since September 2, 2014 again got postponed from 13-1-15 to 20-1-2015 and now to 3rd Feb. 2015. Our advocate mentioned our plea on 12-1-15 to draw attention of Hon’ble Court to this inordinate delay and the fact that a number of our senior members have since retired or going to retire. Hon’ble Court regretted on the ground that there is a huge pile-up of cases and that it is unable to help. We have asked our advocate to file an application giving data to highlight the impact of this delay. DADWA meanwhile hopes that Union Law Ministry would take note and should get concerned at this sorry state of affairs in the Apex Court.

Regarding the judgment of Delhi High Court directing the government to implement the NFU to HAG for CHS and DHS, there were indications earlier that the government was not keen to appeal the order and implement NFU. But recently it is learnt that MOHFW is taking a 180 degrees turn. There are un-confirmed reports that Government would appeal the High Court’s order in Supreme Court but DADWA is ready and has filed a Caveat already anticipating this possibility. DADWA intends to fight it out especially because our efforts are drawing attention and support from doctors all over the country. We are grateful to all those who have supported this cause and contribute to the legal corpus of DADWA included those from several other states.

DADWA is committed to pursue the common interest of all doctors and fight for justice!

Dr. Vijay Rai. Secretary (

PS: Members are requested to contribute generously to DADWA’s legal corpus through cheques payable to “Delhi Admn. Doctors’ Welfare Association” and send it to the treasurer “Dr. B.K. Dey, 45, Harit Niketan, West Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi -110034”. In case of any difficulty he may be contacted on 9999882644