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DADWA message update 16-08-2015:

India celebrated its 69th Independence Day on 15th August, once again. The Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers hoisted the tricolor and gave away their message; mostly a report card on their initiatives and message to the masses.

But one group that ought to have been the most important target-group was not given due attention viz. the civil servants. They together implement government policies and run the government and its various programs spread under various ministries. They in fact carry out the wish of the elected government and play an important part in making them successful. But they are often termed as ‘Babudom’ or the ‘Red-tape’ and mostly labelled as responsible for all the ills of the country.

In our country it is not uncommon to blame someone for the ills. If India loses a cricket match after winning five in a row, the captain is held responsible. If the best doctor of State fails due to death caused by a spurious drug, he is put behind the bar despite being decorated by the very State whose program he/she was implementing. It is not uncommon to hear that country is failing because of I.A.S. or I.P.S. and Health is failing because of doctors as if they all are one. But are they?  

No two individuals are alike but most would be happy to give their best to a system that is fair, gives them recognition and job-satisfaction. Unfortunately most institutions have been compromised and unable to fulfill these basic needs. So we have dissatisfied workforce that becomes angry when labelled as bad. Thanks to the tendency to blame, our politicians, bureaucracy, police, journalists, doctors and even judges are labelled as corrupt, inefficient for mistakes of a few. Compounded by the fact that everything is so much divided that there is no consensus among the stake holders but distrust and chaos.

Independence Day gives our nation an opportunity to look back, analyze and make course-correction. Our visionary PM would surely be aware of the situation stated above and he has his own way of learning from the masses but the above malaise was not addressed; may be the time was short. But the medical fraternity of India and the service doctors would wish that they are not labelled with any adjective and should be given its due recognition for trying to manage things despite the difficulties.

The PM could have called upon our planners, decision-makers, opinion-makers and society-leaders to address the malaise of in civil services with dedication and skills of a physician. The planning must be thorough and long-term instead of limited to five-year plan matching the term of a politician.

Most importantly the blame-game must stop. Efforts may be made to appoint the right person for the right job, competitively through an open and fair process and then allowed to grow. But the most difficult part if whether we could lose our urge to use influence, contacts, short-cuts and even money to defeat the most deserving person. In the defeat of this meritorious young person, country gets defeated by losing bright people. Shouldn’t India try?


-Dr. Vijay Rai. Secretary (

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