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Message update dated 14-4-2015

DADWA's advocate had mentioned our SLP on Friday 10-4-15 before Supreme Court. The application for early hearing came up on Monday 13-4-15 in the bench headed by Hon'ble Justice Chelameshwar but the court citing the heavy pendency of cases on 21-4-15 declined to take up this SLP out of queue. DADWA thanks our members for their patience and active support.

DADWA message update 12-04-2015:

We sincerely regret the delay in updating this blog for quite some time. Is it “blogger’s fatigue” or lack of material, time or imagination …   Well there was so much action in past few weeks that the time became the key constraint, as you would see ..

Court cases especially the S.L.P. in the Supreme Court about retirement age rationalization has been one of the key reasons that has kept DADWA preoccupied. The case figured out regularly in weekly cause list since Sept. 2014 but kept getting extended, week after week and not it is due on 21-4-15. DADWA had got this SLP mentioned for early hearing twice earlier but Hon’ble Court desired us to bear with the delay as there was huge pendency. However, senior officers are retiring every month at a fast rate and MOHFW showing little concern on this matter, DADWA got this case mentioned again on Friday 10-4-15 before the court of Justice Chelameshwar. This time, Hon’ble court directed DADWA to file an application and also serve it on the government counsel for a hearing on Monday 13-4-15 i.e. tomorrow. Let’s hope the Court takes cognizance!

Representation before the 7th Pay Commission:

DADWA had given inputs to AIGDMO Association some time back for making a presentation before the 7th Pay Commission. Recently the President of AIGDMOA Dr. Raman and Vice President Dr. Shadab Taj sought time and invited DADWA to meet one of the senior officers of the commission last month. The opportunity was used to initiate a dialogue, apprize the commission of the role, responsibilities and importance of the CHS in general and the key role played by the largest sub-cadre of CHS Officers viz. GDMO’s in the scheme of things in the health system of the country. The next meeting was held for 6-4-15 and next meeting is due next week.

The JACSDO, a confederation of several associations of service doctors is one of the bodies that is presenting a case before the 7th PC on behalf of all its constituent organizations like CHS, Medical Services of Indian Railway, Indian Ordnance Factories, MCD, NDMC, ESIC, DJB and W.U.S. etc. that service doctors are to be placed among the best of group A services. JACSDO has the mandate to speak on common issues of various organizations. On the other hand associations of GDMO’s, Specialists’ (Teaching and non-teaching) are making a case from their specific perspective.

DADWA being representative of doctors in UT even though group A was not allowed direct representation by the 7th PC when it went along with AIGDMO Association. But we gave our inputs to AIGDMO that the doctors at entry level should be given higher salary than other services; their promotional avenues should be better than other group A servics and that there should be age-wise scale-wise parity within CHS also so that no one feels discriminated. DADWA also made a case for incentives to new recruits in form of quota in form of PG seats, easy study leave and fair career-progression. It also made a case for all utilization of specialist services of all PG doctors and their respectful placement as part of the health team in any given institution notwithstanding the fact that each officer in CHS is a gazetted class I officer and holds dual charge of administrative as well as technical function. All of them are integral part of the health team in the complex health delivery system performing their repective roles and responsibilities.

DADWA has conveyed the same vision to JACSDO with request to incorportate its vision and the legitimate needs of all its members, most of who are still members of CHS. There is a need that CHS and DHS must function like one service where each member carries his/her respective function as part of one team depending on the needs of the institutions. JACSDO is scheduled to meet the pay commission on 18-4-15. DADWA in a meeting held on 10-4-13 at RML Hospital where AIGDMOA and Indian Railways were also represented requested Dr. Rajiv Sood in chair to improve JACSDO\\\'s representation on above lines and share the document with various constituent organizations. He has assured to do his best and we believe it is also an opportunity to show that we have strong case for enhancement of pay and perks and that our thinking across all groups and sub-groups is same. Once JACSDO shares the final document with DADWA, members could access it on this website.

Members may send their suggestions, if any, at this stage also. Please keep in mind that the terms of this Pay commission are financial only and not cadre-review.

-Dr. Vijay Rai. Secretary (

PS: Contribute generously to DADWA’s legal corpus. Send cheque payable to “Delhi Admn. Doctors’ Welfare Association” to our treasurer “Dr. B.K. Dey, 45, Harit Niketan, West Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi -110034” contact no.9999882644