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DADWA Message-update 17-11-2014:


Judgment in the above case filed by DADWA & JACSDO is available now. Please type the URL “” on your browser and enter.


It is reliably learnt that electronic counting of votes in Elections of Delhi Medical Council (DMC) is over. Following eight candidates out of 30 contestants have succeeded in counting of votes subject to formal ratification by the DMC. DADWA congratulates them all.

1. Dr. Ajay Gambhir 2. Dr. Harish Gupta  3. Dr. Narendra Saini 4. Dr. N.P. Singh

5. Dr. Anil Agarwal  6. Dr. JPS Sawhney  7. Dr. Kamal Kishore Parwal  8. Dr. Nomita Gupta

Those who did well but missed are,

Dr. Sonia Malik, Dr. Naresh Chawla, Dr. Ashwani Dalmiya, Dr. Anita Babbar, Dr. Ashok Hans, Dr. Atul Gupta, Dr. Lakhotia and Dr. Asheem Gupta.

It was an election keenly contested and well-fought. Every contestant deserves our applause for they all believed in their strength and ability to contribute to the cause of DMC and of the profession. Kudos to the returning officer and the outgoing DMC team for having organized the elections well!

We hope that these elected members would work in unison as a team in the interest of medical profession in view of the challenges that it faces today. Entry into the profession is getting difficult, course longer and its practice difficult with each passing day. Take example of Chattisgarh tragedy in which experienced and innocent doctors were implicated without trial. Now it turns out that deaths were due to contaminated drugs, handiwork of delinquent drugs manufacturers and a corrupt Drug Control Regime.

Members may note that DMC is a 23-member body with just 8 elected members. Rest fifteen are Dean MAMC, Director of Health Services, other government nominees and Principals of Medical Colleges in Delhi. Constitution of DMC appears lop-sided because elected members are far out-numbered by the government nominated members. These 8 winners would remain a minority despite being supported by the majority of the profession.

This situation needs to be reviewed; first within the DMC and then by government so that the DMC is truly independent of any outside influence. We hope that doctor MLA’s in next assembly would take up this issue as their agenda and the profession would support them irrespective of their party affiliations. These reforms would hopefully pave the way to ignite the true spirit the DMC Act passed by Delhi Assembly that envisages that ‘members of the profession should manage and control themselves in a democratic manner’.

DADWA Message-update 13-11-2014:

Almost all newspapers have covered the deaths of patients in a sterilization camp in Chattisgarh and all of them have been quick to blame the doctor for the fiasco. The TOI front-page has called him ‘Killer Doc” on its front-page. No doubt it is a tragic accident and a set-back to the national family planning program but it is equally tragic to see the knee-jerk reaction of those who are trying to use it for selling a few more copies of their newspapers or trying to use it politically to save several other liable to be involved in this accident.

If one were to observe things objectively these deaths could have been caused due to faulty technique in performing the procedure or due to some adverse drug reaction or due to infection/septicemia. But we all know that an infection manifest itself in 48-72 hours and this doctor was the one who was awarded by the state for having done 50000 such operations. It is hard to believe that such an experienced hand could have faulted. Seeing the time of death after surgery even a layman can decipher that most likely cause would be an adverse drug reaction or reaction to ligation rings or to some sabotage aimed to defame the government or the doctor. Any sane person would support a thorough investigation but it is unfortunate that press should start judging and bias the public opinion against the doctor or the health system. The Chief Minister of the State should take up the matter in the right earnest and order a judicial probe into the matter.

DADWA Message-update 12-11-2014:

DADWA’s SLP in Supreme Court regarding rationalization of retirement age of CHS/DHS doctors is now listed for 25-11-14. It is a bit puzzling that Registry of the Apex Court is unable to place this case before the Supreme Court that was initially fixed for 2-9-2014. It is said that one bench is short and disposal of cases low but this needs to be remedied by the Court itself. Petitioners are at the receiving end here as doctors are retiring fast.

If DADWA wins this case, the financial benefits would accrue from the date of filing of the case but this is not the agenda of most of these senior doctors who are putting their might behind the department of H&FW that is flooded with problems related to contractual staff, cadre formation, inefficiency, nepotism and corruption. The present Secretary Mr. SCL Das deserves an applause as to how is putting up with such a situation with such valor. The Health and FW Department of GNCTD seems to have neither kept a good data-base of its personnel nor the institutional memory and consequently it is unable to take bold long term remedial measure to improve the situation. With dwindling numbers of its senior doctors, a large number of who would retire in next 3-5 years the vulnerability of the department would increase further but who is there to care?

DADWA feels the service doctors should care and raise their voice collectively voice along with other associations like IMA, DMC etc.

Dr. Vijay Rai. Secretary (

PS: Members are requested to contribute generously to DADWA’s legal corpus through cheques payable to “Delhi Admn. Doctors’ Welfare Association” and send it to the treasurer “Dr. B.K. Dey, 45, Harit Niketan, West Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi -110034”. In case of any difficulty he may be contacted on 9999882644