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Welcome to DADWA
Delhi Administration Doctor's Welfare Association” or in short DADWA is a society registered with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi. Its members are service doctors working under the Govt. of NCT of Delhi. The aims and objectives of this association are to promote and safeguard the common interests of its members / doctors, to foster the spirit of co-operation among its members / doctors, to organize the meetings for recreational and cultural activities and diffusion of useful knowledge from time to time ....
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Message Board 16th Sept. 2014:

Please note your date with DADWA in its GBM on Saturday Sept. 20th 2014 at 1:30 PM in DMA hall Daryaganj


As notified earlier DADWA is holding its G.B.M. to discuss various issues that confront all service doctors. These are mostly related to cadre-formation in Delhi Health Service and its management like ensuring time-bound promotions, soring our seniority issues, benefits of past service for new entrants, pay-scales and allowances after 7th Pay Commission, Issues related to retirement age of doctors, pension, Non-functional upgradation to Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) etc. GBM will be presented Secretary’s Report, Audited Statement of Accounts followed by Elections for posts of President-1, Vice-presidents-2, General Secretary-1, Jt. Secretaries-2, Treasurer-1 and executive committee members (8) who will be elected out of the steering committee members, 2 from each hospitals and one from each of the 11 districts of DHS, MHS, SHS and DHS (HQ).

DADWA is grateful to all those senior members (SAG & NFSG) who have contributed Rs.5000/- and to others who have contributed Rs.2000/- for the legal corpus of DADWA to meet the legal expenses in its ongoing court cases.

The Govt. of Delhi has released a list of 528 doctors on 20-8-14 who have been inducted into Delhi Health Service
as part of initial constitution of DHS w.e.f. 23-122009. They were earlier working on contract for several years. Unfortunately a large number of doctors appointed on contract are still left out of DHS formation at the ‘initial constitution’ stage for not fault of theirs. They face the prospect of being replaced by a regularly appointed doctor who may be one of their own erstwhile colleagues. DAWA appeals the government to take note of their predicament and act in their favour as well. 

Executive committee of DADWA invites our young colleagues, who have been inducted recently into DHS by Govt. of Delhi, to attend this GBM. They are welcome to join DADWA as its members by filling up a simple form in the GBM and paying the membership fee



Changing Medical Superintendents like a pack of cards? Who is being impressed?

Latest casualty of the high-headed attitude of the Health and FW Department is one of very senior officer who was the Medical Superintendent of DDU Hospital. He was posted here just a few months back before his recent transfer ostensibly as one visiting bureaucrat found some areas of the hospital unclean. This is the third change of MS of DDU hospital in past 8 months. During same period H&FW Dept. has transferred more than a dozen more hospitals chiefs on petty grounds. Whether it is a move to improve the health system or to create confusion is anybody’s guess but it is perceived an unfortunate and ill-conceived action on the part of health department that is becoming infamous for its short-sighted knee populist measures. If frequent changes of senior officers for one short-coming can help the system then the department should try changing them every Monday and the special secretaries every month. But for themselves the bureaucracy has sought a minimum term before they can be transferred. DADWA expects statesman like qualities and broad vision in the present leadership. There are instances where petty complaints by some vested interests have been used as tool to put administrations of the hospitals under pressure. Consequent insecurity among senior-most doctors does not auger well for the health-system. DADWA hopes that H&FW Department would share the responsibility for its shortcomings in making the public health system starve for want of personnel and for making them run their services under sever constraints. Using medical superintendents as scape-goats is a highly dangerous trend and unheard in the history of this department. We hope the Secretary (H&FW) and his team would act fairly keeping in mind the ling history and traditions of the department that he heads.

-Dr. Vijay Rai, Secretary DADWA

PS: Members are requested to contribute generously to DADWA’s legal corpus through cheques payable to “Delhi Admn. Doctors’ Welfare Association” and send it to the treasurer “Dr. B.K. Dey, 45, Harit Niketan, West Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi -110034” In case of any difficulty he may be contacted on 9999882644



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