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DADWA message update 13-02-2015:

The wait for a new government in Delhi is over. Assembly Elections 2015 have given a historic mandate to AAP Government under the leadership of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal. It appears he and his team has learnt from the errors of the past. Hopefully his government would now tread a course that would take Delhi to even greater heights; to a brighter future as a modern city. Such a goal however can be achieved only with a long term vision, strong policy. Short term populist measures would not help but considering the promises that AAP has made to the voters especially about the freebies; it would be a daunting task for them. Only firm belief in principles of good governance and concerted action can deliver what they wish to deliver.

DADWA hopes that Mr. Kejriwal and his team would take care of health of the public health institutions that are reeling under the pressure of resource-demand mismatch, poor human resource management and neglect of the service providers. It is expected that the new AAP government would refrain from painting the entire government machinery and the government servants black. It is the need of the hour that they open dialogue and build bridges. Trust and cooperation with Union Government would serve their purpose and of the interest of the citizen. A good beginning was made when Mr. Kejriwal met the Prime Minister.

Mr. Kejriwal and his team must be brimming with ideas to deal with high expectations of the citizen and there is a limit to acting like ‘Robbin Hood’. They have to mobilize resources especially if they need to do something serious in health, education and social welfare. The public health system continues to be under tremendous pressure to perform for lack of sufficient infrastructure and manpower. Health department lacks focus on HRD and a large number of doctors, nurses and other service providers continue to remain a subject of unfair discrimination by being on contract. Doctors appointed on contract before 2006 have been regularized but those after 2006 are left to fend for themselves after 28-2-15. There is no coherent HR policy in place; transfers/postings remain discretionary despite a policy that remains on paper. This is time that all of us, who are in a position to take decisions, do so with utmost sincerity, without extraneous considerations and speak their mind out in front of the authorities in favour of the public interest.

DADWA feels that this government would keep such people in high esteem and we all should be willing to capitalise on this as an opportunity. Silence and obedience while dealing with key decisions have costed us dear. Service doctors and public health institutions have been blamed for all the ills of the health-system. It is time our members change this perception.

DADWA hopes AAP Government would institutionalize and improve the public grievance redressal mechanism so that it is quick, fair and true. DADWA wishes them good luck and success in dealing with the expectation of the citizen for a clean, efficient and effective government. Let’s hope, they do not fail nor do they indulge in blame game or else after five years, AAP could become BBP (Bahut Bechari Party)! We pray it doesn’t!        Amen!

-Dr. Vijay Rai, Secretary DADWA

PS: Our SLP for rationalization is now scheduled tentatively for 24-2-2014. Meanwhile one daily a few days back reported that the MOHFW is inclined to increase the minimum age of retirement of doctors to 62 and cited some justification for the thinking. It is reported that the file is with the Union Home Minister Mr. Nadda. DADWA sincerely hopes that the better sense would prevail and MOHFW would take a decision that is rational, timely and without any prejudice.