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DADWA message update Aug 25, 2016


1.    As informed earlier DADWA is holding an Urgent Meeting of its Steering Committee on Saturday 27-8-2016 at 1:30 PM at DMA Hall Darya Ganj.

2.    This committee comprises of members each from various Delhi Govt. Hospitals (2 each), both Directorates (2 each) and 9 Districts (1 each). In addition, both past and present members of DADWA core group are also invited.

3.    The agenda will be,

1.    Filling up of Vacant posts of Steering Committee Members and Office bearers

2.    Review of situation arising out of growing frustration of CHS doctors deployed in Delhi due to irrational transfers independent of transfer policy, recovery of TA, increase in retirement age and benefits of NFU and 7PC at par with CHS

3.    Action regarding recovery of TA from doctors of CHS/DHS and status of legal cases filed by other associations.

4.    Delay in grant of NFU in compliance to orders of Delhi High Court and Status of Contempt Case filed by DADWA

5.    Collection of Contribution of Rs.2000/- per member towards membership and legal corpus of DADWA so as to facilitate filing of fresh court cases if any as per decision of the steering committee.

6.    Any other agenda with permission of Chair.

4.    As follow up of the contempt case filed in Delhi High Court against GOI by DADWA, all those officers whose names do not figure out in the list of 593 doctors granted NFU to SAG w.e.f. 2006 are advised to file their representations to the GOI MOHFW through proper channel as soon as possible. They are requested to endorse a scanned copy by their received representation by email to ‘

5.    For convenience of members, a draft letter can be downloaded from the ‘download’ section of this website.

6.    Copy of the OM dated 17-8-2016 along with the list of 593 doctors who are granted NFU is also available in the download section of this website for use of members.

7.    Members may please note that they should take care in exercise of their option while accepting NFU so that their promotion under DACP scheme is not jeopardized in any way what so ever. These are functional SAG promotions effective from 29-10-2008 entitle them to higher TA and this is our case in the OA filed in CAT by the AIGDMO Association followed by Association of doctors of Safdarjung and Dr. R.M.L. Hospitals in which stay has been granted by courts.

Note: If one were to assess the adequacy of work done by concerned sections of MOHFW in complying to orders of Delhi High Court, it is disappointing for us and embarrassing the chief of that organization. DADWA intends to bring this shoddy work to the notice of the Hon’ble Minister of Health to showcase how the cadre management is being dealt in CHS. There seems to be lack of application of mind as several officers who have been promoted already to SAG through DACP have not been included in the list of 593. Besides, CHS Officers working in Delhi till 2009 who were later inducted in DHS are also to be included in this list as are those members of DADWA who are from teaching and non-teaching sub-cadres of CHS. DADWA sincerely hopes that MOHFW will not embarrass itself when DADWA’s advocate hammers them for these errors of omission. The advocates of the respondents would be forced to express regrets and take the plea that they may be spared as they have at least been able to act after a lapse of several months. If such is the efficiency of our ministry then it is matter of concern how it would take care of health of the country? DADWA sincerely wishes that our bureaucrat colleagues rise to the occasion and refuse to eat the humble pie in the court!

- Secretary DADWA (email:

PS: Please do contribute to DADWA’s legal corpus and support your own cause. Send cheques payable to “Delhi Admn. Doctors Welfare Association” to our treasurer “Dr. B.K. Dey, 45, Harit Niketan, West Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi -110034” contact no.9999882644