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Delhi Administration Doctor's Welfare Association” or in short DADWA is a society registered with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi. Its members are service doctors working under the Govt. of NCT of Delhi. The aims and objectives of this association are to promote and safeguard the common interests of its members / doctors, to foster the spirit of co-operation among its members / doctors, to organize the meetings for recreational and cultural activities and diffusion of useful knowledge from time to time ....
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Message Board April 14, 2014

DADWA hopes its 0members are actively participating in the election process to educate & influence the political parties and their prospective MP’s. The new parliamentarians need to be educated and informed about the issues that confront the health system of the country and how important is that service doctors should hold a key position in the times to come!

DADWA’s SLP Reg. Retirement Age of Service Doctors came up for hearing on 24-2-14 in the regular bench of Supreme Court of India. The MOHFW in pursuance to its agenda to divide and subdivide service doctors in as many ingenious ways as possible tried to put up a brave front in its counter to our SLP filed before the Supreme Court. It argued that the four sub-cadres of CHS viz. GDMO’s, teaching, non-teaching and public health specialists differ significantly from each other to the extent as to make it appear as if these are different services. The argument is discriminatory and unethical as it aims to justify different ages of retirements in the same service viz. CHS. The same argument can be used tomorrow to create further groups within a group.

With such similar argument tomorrow the mandarins of MOHFW may start arguing that specialists in some specialities are more needed than some others and use it as ploy to discriminate further. They may always find some ‘Jaichands’ to speak in their voice but then the majority will have to speak-up and retaliate. Has anyone ever seen such things happening in any other group A service?

On one hand the Government is faced with the problem of shortage of doctors in CHS on the other it is doing little as a model employer and cadre control authority to improve CHS as a service. Instead it is devising ways and means to do otherwise contrary to what it had committed in its MOU with JACSDO to place CHS among the best of group ‘A’ services. DHS doctors will also benefit as Delhi Govt. has decided that the DHS Rules will be mutatis mutandis same as that in CHS.

Please note that the MOHFW has failed to promote CHS doctors to HAG as part of N.F.U. granted by 6th Pay Commission. Instead it tried to hide behind a letter of DOPT, now quashed by CAT that CHS doctors are not entitled as CHS is not a Central group A Service. DADWA is in Delhi High Court on this issue also.

DADWA would like to advise all service doctors to see these designs to deny them the benefits of even 6th PC. Instead of implementing them, the MOHFW is trying to create confusions and controversies and pass them on to the 7th PC now announced by the UPA Govt. This is time all service doctors join hand and work together for a common plan of action. Doctors are good communicators and politically active. They must use their position during election time to educate and influence the future MP’s.

Meanwhile a six-member delegation of DADWA met the Secretary (H&FW) on 20-2-14 to apprise him about the problems being faced by the DHS doctors and about delay in release of their time-bound promotions. In addition it made a case for retaining the experience and talent available in Delhi at the highest level by enhancing the retirement age of doctors. His response was positive and he informed the delegation about the initiatives taken by him in improving the DHS Cadre. The delegation complained that things were slow and infrastructure insufficient to manage the DHS cadre. Even routine transfers, postings, promotions and even permissions to go abroad etc. were being delayed. The Secretary (H&FW) assured to look into the various issues

-Dr. Vijay Rai, Secretary DADWA

PS: Members are requested to contribute generously to DADWA’s legal corpus through cheques payable to “Delhi Admn. Doctors’ Welfare Association” and send it to the treasurer “Dr. B.K. Dey, 45, Harit Niketan, West Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi -110034” In case of any difficulty he may be contacted on 9999882644.


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