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Breaking News 20-11-2015:




The 7th Pay Commission has finally submitted its report to the Union Finance Minister but the usual rejoicing is missing especially for the doctors. We notice that the NPA has been reduced to 20% while the Javed Chaudhary Committee had recommended 30%. The Govt. gave NPA @ 25% and now it stands reduced and it is likely that it would not be included for calculation of HRA. DADWA is in touch with its allies like JACSDO and AIGDMO and we have to have a collaborative stand on the issue. But let our think tank study the report and come out with actual figures of benefit to all members at entry level of each promotion. We are of the view that the rise would not be 16% as it reported in the press.


Members may now appreciate why the government has been so reluctant to give us NFU to HAG level despite the risk of contempt proceedings in Delhi High Court. DADWA suggests that all associations of doctors should insist that all agreed benefits of 6th PC should be in place before the 7th PC recommendations are implemented lest the doctors turn out to be losers as compared to their other Group A counterparts.


Breaking News 31-10-2015:


The Govt. of Delhi has found the Secretary DADWA, author of this blog, too hot to handle if one were to go by the haste with which he has been repatriated to his parent cadre by the ‘competent authority’! The rumor is that the department has found his transfer easier than filing a counter reply in CAT in reference to the case filed by him and DADWA. The case is that his transfer and that of several senior doctors had not been done in accordance to the declared transfer policy of the H&FW Department notified on 22-8-2014. It is also rumored that office of Hon’ble Health Minister of Delhi was instrumental in forcing the health department for this action.


Transfers are routine administrative matters and are not supposed to be targeted or punitive. But our Hon’ble Health Minister apparently believes in power of his ‘voice over the phone’ protocol through which he dictates his orders independent of norms or the policy of his own department. For example he has issued directions to seek explanation from some junior resident doctors for being found not wearing apron in the wee hours of his visit to the hospital. He missed to note that patients were satisfied and doctor had done his duty well.


Another similarly transferred doctor, a Neurosurgeon of BSA Hospital, resigned from government service in disgust after his arbitrary transfer. Similarly Dr. S.P. Jayant, a very senior officer of Delhi Health Service and Medical Supdt. of prestigious GB Pant Hospital was unceremoniously removed and posted under his junior. This was reported in a section of press also. Health & FW Department unfortunately played the role of an obedient bystander.


Office of Hon’ble Health Minister of Delhi is also credited with starting such experiments as ‘appointing’ MS’s from among DHS/CHS doctors with 15-20 years of service and posting an IRS Officer on the duty post of DHS/CHS doctors. These are detailed below. It appears prima facie that Hon’ble Minister aims to have absolute control over the heath institutions through the newly appointed Medical Superintendents who are proposed to be selected not on basis of seniority but on basis of a 1000 word write-up. It is anybody’s guess how fair and transparent the selection process would be even though popular AAP Government claims to believe in broad-based consensus among the key stake-holders and the public.


Breaking News 20-10-2015 :


The AAP Government broke tradition on 19th Oct. 2015 by appointing an Indian Revenue Service Officer of 1992 batch as the ‘Director General of Health Services, Delhi’ in place of Dr. Sunil Bhatnagar a 1985 batch CHS Officer, a State Awardee for meritorious service. Even though the arrangement is stated to be temporary but what has irked the fraternity of service doctors of all hue and shades is that none of the 1200 strong cadre of Delhi Health Service was considered worthy of being considered for this post on a temporary basis. The first incumbent of the post of DGHS Delhi was Dr. S. K. Sharma who has since retired on 31-8-2015. The key question on the mind of every service doctors is that why a career bureaucrat that too relatively very junior to most doctors professionally has replaced a doctor on a duty post? Has it something to do with the fact that this 1992 batch IRS Officer Dr. Tarun Seem who is a 1984-batch MBBS doctor from UCMS and also the IRS batch-mate of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble CM of Delhi? It is worth mentioning that Sh. Tarun is well known for his exemplary work in MOHFW for NRHM under the then National NRHM Mission Director and Addl. Director Ms. Jalaja. DADWA is of the view that in case the government considers him an exceptionally brilliant bureaucrat then he should be Secretary (H&FW) or a Special Secretary (H&FW) but not the DGHS. If one were to go by the number of calls the core committee of DADWA has received in past 24 hours especially after the State Award Function was concluded, it is apparent that most doctors have not taken it well as it has hurt their self-esteem. There is no reason why government should disregard the sentiment of DHS cadre officers even if as temporary arrangement. There is no paucity of eligible officers with proven track record and DADWA hopes that government would rectify its decision at the earliest.


DADWA message update 18th Oct. 2015:


1. DADWA files case against Delhi Government for going against its own transfer/posting policy:


One of the important achievements of the then Secretary (H&FW) GNCTD was when he notified a transfer policy on 22-8-2014 after broad-base consultations with stake holders. It is ironical that it has not been followed and implemented in its letter and spirit. There have been enumerable instances where the transfers have been done contrary to what is stated in the policy and seniors have been posted under their juniors. There are dozens of examples where transfers were ordered and cancelled on same day or the next day. DADWA has been observing this and raised this in its meeting with the Secretary (H&FW) on 10-7-2015 but despite assurance the department has failed to act, ostensibly under pressure from political quarters. Their usual defense is that there were ‘some’ complaints against the officers concerned.


Recently Secretary DADWA was transferred from BSA Hospital to BJRM Hospital within 7 months and this was third in 1.5 years ostensibly ‘in public interest’ or due to ‘some complaint’ none of which is apparent. Unable to take it anymore despite its representation of June 2015, and despite the assurance of the H&FW department, DADWA was forced to knock the doors of Hon’ble CAT who has kindly admitted the OA on 8-10-2015. DADA among other things wants that transfers are carried out without prejudice and not due to spurious unverified complaints by some vested interests so that all doctors work freely and focus on their work rather than doing circles in the corridors of power. Members are advised to catch hold of any tout that they hear about or come across and report the matter to appropriate authorities.


IMPORTANT: If one were go by the report in ‘Indian Express’ of 18-10-2015, Dr. S.P. Jayant CMO (SAG) vide order dated 16-10-2015 of the H&FW Department has been removed from the post of Medical Superintendent of G.B. Pant Hospital and being made to work under Dr. Sunil M. Raheja, who was his junior colleague in same hospital less than a year ago.  Similarly reasons behind transfer of Dr. Raheja from post of Medical Superintendent Dr. Hedgewar Arogya Sansthan (DHAS), Karkardooma to GB Pant Hospital and of Dr. R.K. Gupta from the post of Director DFW to MS DHAS remain unknown in this regime ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’. In fact a record number of transfers of heads of institutions and Medical Superintendents, running into several dozens, have taken place reportedly on whims of present political establishment led by Sh. Satyendra Jain, Hon’ble Minister of Health by a subservient bureaucracy. The political establishment of AAP is trying to showcase that all that constitutes their heritage in Delhi had been bad and worthless and they must bring around a revolution. Hon’ble MOH needs to be informed by those who are his advisors that it was the public health system and these very doctors and nurses actually managed the situation due to Dengue outbreak. DADWA feels that the ‘Complaint-based’, ‘Threat-based’, ‘Desire-based’ decision-making should be abandoned by the present regime in favor of a merit-based, professional, broad-based decision-making. The critics of such a regime should be heard and their view-point honored on merit so as to improve the work culture and welfare of service providers and doctors. If such improvements do not take place, the political establishment of Delhi would be left with finding excuses and scape-goats to sacrifice. DADWA is optimistic that Hon’ble Minister of Health and the CM would take note and acknowledge the fact that doctors do matter and that they mature with age and that their seniority needs to be respected.




2. Move to Appointment new Medical Superintendents for Hospitals/Institutions, their MCH wings and Centers of Excellence etc. under Delhi Govt.


Vide its circular dated 1-10-15, the Spl. Secretary (HR) of H&FW Dept. GNCTD doctors with 15-20 years of service have been asked to apply for their appointment as Medical Superintendents for its hospitals/institutions from among officers of CHS/DHS. The Specialists/PG GDMO's with 15 years post PG or Non-PG GDMO's with 20 years of service are eligible to apply. The selection relies of a write-up with 1000 words for such selection and no other criteria are mention in the circular like seniority, work experience and skills etc. Selection board is also not notified.


Doubts have arisen in the minds of several of our members who have expressed concern about the intent and the pros and cons of this offer of appointment that too at this stage of their career. Is it another bluff that Delhi Govt. played on us in 2006 when it asked for options to join DHS when it had not even made the Rules of the new Service (DHS)?


Members may recall that DADWA had requested all doctors to first seek clarifications, then made a plea on the then health minister to intervene and finally DHR Rules were framed in 2009. Even till date the rules have not been revised, civil list of its members not prepared, no one knows his/her seniority. Is this appointment a move on same directions?


Well, in view of the concern of our members and Core-committee of DADWA carefully went through the said circular (available in download section of this website) and feels that the said circular hides more and reveals less as may be seen below:


a. The applicants are to be appointed to the post of MS but the pay-scale of post is not mentioned. It is also not stated whether it is a duty post of DHS and how benefits of past service and seniority would be protected. What would happen to those who do not apply and a junior is made the MS? Will they be reporting to their juniors? It is also not clear if benefits of 7th Pay Commission would be made available to the new appointees.


b. If this would be an appointment, the name of service or the sub-cadre is not revealed nor is the RR’s or selection criteria defined.


c. Reportedly neither associations of doctors nor the MS’s have been consulted before making such a move and time allotted is too little. If this is being done in in public interest then why so many things are hidden?


d. Hospitals with more than 500 beds would have 2 or 3 MS's then who will report to who? What will happen to command structure or is it a move to create chaos and move in the time trusted DANICS/IAS Officers to run the hospitals instead of doctors just to have a better control? Better for who?


e. Emphasis is laid shortlisted candidates would be asked to write a 1000-word essay that would seal their fate. Is it not lead to another way of a pick and choose policy? Smart move!


f. Is it proper to place an officer of 15-20 years of regular service on probation and later also not keep his post secure? Is it a move to retain only the loyalists and who-so-ever tried to be smart will be removed without assigning reasons? What happens once they are removed from the post of MS later? Will they go back to working under their juniors? Will an IAS or IPS officer accept that? Or is it a move to bring in some non-medical administrators or some IAS/DANICS with MBBS/MD degree as Medical Superintendents?


It is imperative that all members of DADWA apprise themselves with full information before exercising their option to apply or not to apply as both can have implications. DADWA is of the view that the matter needs to be discussed in broader group.


New Inputs: An urgent meeting of DADWA convened on Saturday, 17-10-2015 at 1:30 PM at DMA Hall Daryaganj was attended by representatives of several hospitals and districts. After deliberations on various issues especially regarding the application  sought by the Govt. from eligible doctors it was decided that,


a. All eligible doctors should also seek clarification individually from Secretary (H&FW) on various crucial details such as pay-scales of the posts, its cadre affiliation, benefits of past service and other direct and indirect impacts on the applicants.


b. The draft-letter in the download section of this website is available for use by any desirous officer of DHS/CHS and should be sent through proper channel to the Secretary (H&FW) with modification as required and as deem fit.




Dr. Lekhi, President DMA appreciated the actions being taken by DADWA in common interest of service doctors. He also described the efforts taken by him in impressing the IMA to highlight plight of service doctors in the country on 16th Nov. as the National Protest Day. President DADWA lauded the efforts of DMA team led by Dr. Lekhi. On proposal of President DMA seconded by the President and Secretary DADWA Dr. Ashok Kumar Rana, Addl. Director SHS was nominated as the Chairman of the Service Doctors’ Cell of DMA subject to formal ratification of the decision by the DMA. Expressing concern over the mismanagement in the cadre President DMA assured to take up the cause of service doctors. The Secretary  DADWA offered full support.


-Dr. Vijay Rai. Secretary (email:

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