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DADWA message update 18th Dec. 2015


a. SYMPOSIUM FOR SERVICE DOCTORS “Challenges before the Doctors Serving the Public Health System in India” on Monday 28-12-2015 in IMA’s National Conference-2015 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi was a big hit. DADWA is grateful to the organizing secretary Dr. Alok Bhandari and the President Dr. Ajay Lekhi for taking this initiative and inviting the Secretary DADWA for helping them select the topics and the resources personnel. Despite the constraint of time, the faculty members named below spoke on the subjects below and kept the house-full audience spell-bound till the end of panel discussion in which they all participated.


  1. Dr. Rajiv Sood (JACSDO): Evolution of Organized Services for doctors in India and their future

  2. Dr. Vijay Rai (DADWA): Role of Service doctors as Leaders and managers in dealing with challenges

  3. Dr. Alok Bhandari (DMA): History of Struggle of Associations and their impact

  4. Dr. Shadab Taj and Dr. Raman Khanna(AIGDMOA): 7th Pay Commission Recommendations: How much far from expectations with special reference to NPA

  5. Dr. Rekha Aggarwal (Hospital Admn. DADWA): Common Challenges of a newly recruited service doctor: Service Rules, Promotions, APAR, Conduct Rules, Benefits of Service and handling undue pressures etc.

  6. Dr. N.V. Kamat (Consultant IMA  Ex-Director DHS): Human Resource Management of Doctors in Government: Present State and Future!






The Report of the 7th Pay Commission had been notified by the erstwhile government with lots of expectations but the report hasfailed to evoke a positive response from the government servants. It has been particularly dismal for the service-doctors whoseNPA stands reduced to 20% from earlier 25% and it would not be included for calculation of HRA and CTG Benefits (transfer grant). It is noteworthy that Javed Chaudhary Committee constituted by the Central Govt. had recommended 30% of basic as NPA.


DADWA being an active partner of JACSDO and AIGDMO joined their initiative on the subject and filed its representation copy of which is placed in the download section of this website. The Secretary DADWA is a member of the group under the aegis of JACSDO that is taking up the matter with the authorities concerned. This group besides submitting their representation has also met the key officers of the MOHFW including the DGHS to ensure that the NPA is restored to 25% and that it is treated as part of basic for all purposes.


DADWA wishes to remind its members not to lose sight of the benefits of the 6th CPC especially the financial upgrade up to H.A.G. that the DOPT has been so reluctant to give despite the risk of contempt of the Delhi High Court. The proceedings are scheduled to come for hearing in Delhi High Court on 29-01-2016.


It is rumored that the Government is considering appealing against the decision of Hon’ble Supreme Court not to accept their SLP against order of Hon’ble High Court. Taking no chance, DADWA has filed a Caveat in the Supreme Court in view of the larger interest of service doctors of both CHS and the DHS. There is no reason that doctors should be left out as compared to other group ‘A’ services in reaching the HAG in a time bound manner. There is a concerted effort by some sections to convey that doctors are no unanimous on this issue. DADWA would like to remind all doctors and the associations that such an approach has been used as a strategy to deny benefits to service doctors. We should make it a point to react and to show our concern if any group or subgroup of doctors is subjected to any unfairness or prejudice.


If one were to look at the terms of reference of the 7th Pay Commission closely, the following stand out:


  1. To work out the framework for an emoluments structure linked with the need to attract the most suitable talent to Government service, promote efficiency, accountability and  responsibility in the work culture, and foster excellence in the public governance system to respond to  the complex challenges of modern administration and the rapid political, social, economic and technological changes, with due regard to expectations of stakeholders, and to recommend appropriate training and capacity building through a competency based framework,

  2. To examine the existing schemes of payment of bonus, keeping in view, inter-alia, its bearing upon performance and productivity and to make recommendations on  the general principles, financial parameters and conditions for an appropriate  Incentive Scheme to reward excellence in productivity, performance and integrity.


The 7th CPC seems to have failed to give the required edge to doctors while joining the government service and then to give them a better career growth options. The problem seems to have arisen by the short-sighted approach of IAS lobby to have an edge over others at any cost. But this has not worked for them. In CHS also we see similar approach by some groups e.g. members of teaching specialist sub-cadre who constantly demand an edge over other their brethren in CHS. It is time that such divisive games are put to an end lest it is too late.


c. DADWA has filed a case in Hon’ble C.A.T. against Delhi Government for doing arbitrary transfers independent of its own transfer policy and of the public interest in an autocratic manner. This can be seen by the large number of transfer orders issued and cancelled within a day. The poor Delhi Government has failed to file its counter response so far and instead it has repatriated the Secretary DADWA one of the aggrieved applicant to CHS believing probably that this would save it from the embarrassment that awaits it in the Court. It would have been better had it assured the court and the applicants that it would make amends in its functioning and institute an inquiry against the delinquent officials responsible for this fiasco. But the AAP Government in Delhi seems to disbelieve the system that it heads. It appears that it is suffers the neurosis of a dictator who believes that everyone is conspiring to dislocate it. It is rumored that some vested interests in the office of Hon’ble Health Minister of Delhi are deliberately misguiding him but DADWA hopes that the better political and administrative sense would prevail. A weak and poorly managed health system of Delhi can play havoc with the lives of the citizen and its control be left in the hands of experienced doctors who have spent their lives running it so far. The doctrine of ‘desire’ of the ‘competent’ authority dictated on phone to a docile bureaucracy has not place in present situation.


d. Similarly AAP Government in Delhi broke all traditions on 19th Oct. 2015 when it appointed Sh. Tarun Seem, an Indian Revenue Service Officer of 1992 batch as the ‘Director General of Health Services, Delhi’ even though he is not eligible to take charge of this post as it is meant to be held by suitable doctors of CHS or DHS. It is rumored that the Health Ministry of Delhi Government feels that some of its half-baked health schemes can only be implemented by career bureaucrats and not by doctors. Even though the arrangement is stated to be temporary but what has irked the fraternity of service doctors is that none of the 1200 strong cadre of Delhi Health Service is considered worthy of this post. The first incumbent of the post of DGHS Delhi was Dr. S. K. Sharma who has since retired on 31-8-2015; second incumbent was Dr. Sunil Bhatnagar CMO (SAG) but that is where the list ended abruptly. It is a pity that the government could not choose even one DG from among many Additional Directors, five Regional DHS’s, 36 MS’s of hospitals and 11 Chief District Medical Officers who are managing the entire health services. How come there was none to match the talent of this lone IRS Officer who happens to be a 1984 batch doctor from UCMS. Is being the IRS batch-mate of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble CM of Delhi qualification enough? If he so bright a bureaucrat, which he sure is, then why not make him the Secretary (H&FW) or Special Secretary (Health) against a cadre post of bureaucracy? There is no reason why the popular AAP government in Delhi should disregard the sentiment of majority of Delhi doctors even if the said arrangement is temporary. There is no paucity of eligible officers with proven track record but would the AAP Government care? Or should the aggrieved doctors approach the Court even for this?


- Secretary DADWA (email:

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