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DADWA message update 12-07-2015:

A. DADWA met the Secretary H&FW Govt. of Delhi on 10-7-2015

The new Secretary (H&FW) Mr. Amarnath, in response to DADWA’s representation dated 20-6-2015 invited a four-member delegation of DADWA to discuss various issues regarding service doctors. The Spl. Secretary (HR) Mrs. Madhu Garg and Sh. Pradeep Verma Dy. Secretary  were also present. DADWA team led by the President Dr. Amareshwar consisted of the Vice-President Dr. Umed Singh, the treasurer Dr. B.K. dey and the undersigned. DADWA team after introduction explained and justified its demands/suggestions as below in that order: 

1. Contractual appointments against regular posts: Delhi Government has been appointing doctors on contract against regular duty posts since 1996 onwards. But instead of filling up these posts through regular appointments, these doctors were made to continue on contract and approach courts. Finally those who were appointed on contract before 2006 were regularized since May 2012 but those appointed thereafter have left out for no fault of theirs.

We request that contractual appointments may be stopped forthwith and all duty-posts be filled up on a regular basis.

2. Modern Staffing Norms, Professional Cadre Management and Speedy time-bound disposal of personal matters: Health & FW Department is the cadre-control authority for doctors of Delhi Health Service but lacks requisite infrastructure and professional HR Managers for cadre-management. Staffing norms for health institutions are primitive and not in consonance to needs of a modern health institution. Their career-needs, training needs (induction and in-service) are not properly addressed and even time-bound promotions are not being taken up on a regular basis. Even though DHS has been constituted, it still lacks a civil list in order of seniority. Principle of seniority for posting on higher posts is not being followed as in other services. Frivolous complaints against doctors are allowed to pile up and there is no mechanism for their speedy disposal. The transfer policy for doctors declared as late as 2014 has remained on paper till a recent OM of the department dated 29-4-15. It was put on hold but recently the move has bee re-initiated. Kindly ensure that there is no chaos, confusion and nepotism during such mass transfers in one go.

The details of transfers, relieving and release of salary of all staff of H&FW Department have been attached to MIS system of H&FW Dept. that does not honor the orders issued by respective institutions. Not un-commonly transfer/posting orders issued by H&FW Department are not updated on this MIS due to which salaries of doctors get delayed. The

We request that,

  • HR professionals be engaged for Cadre-management of doctors in H&FW Department.

  • Orders may be issued for time-bound promotion of all eligible doctors up to SAG level at the earliest and a civil list/seniority list of DHS doctors be released.

  • Transfers/postings are done in a transparent manner as per declared policy and reviewed from time to time by an empowered committee of which their associations are also a part.

  • The Management Information System (MIS) of H&FW department should be oriented to the needs of the stake holder service-doctors so that their service details, progress on their applications for personal matter, vigilance clearance etc. are accessible to individual concerned till disposal

  • A quick and efficient mechanism for appeal to be made available

  • Complaints, Vigilance matters and/or disciplinary proceedings against service doctors should be looked into and disposed-off by the department in a time-bound manner and under no circumstances such matters be delayed so as to affect retirement of officers

3. Amends in DHS Rules: The duty posts in the relevant schedule of DHS Rules 2009 need to be re-looked into to include functional SAG and HAG level posts spread equitably among the four sub-cadres. No posts from Teaching and Public Health Specialist sub-cadres are included in rules till date. A number of doctors of GDMO sub-cadres holding PG qualification are being discriminated by not recognizing them as part of the specialty they work in. Similarly non-teaching specialists are discriminated in teaching hospitals despite their teaching abilities and experience. This unfairness is a source of frustration and demotivation.

We request that relevant schedules of Delhi Health Service Rules 2009 may be looked into again for revision so as to identify and add more duty posts for the 4 sub-cadres at various levels up to SAG in various institutions according to needs. Officers of GDMO sub-cadre holding PG qualification should be suitably placed to work as specialists and permitted to move horizontally from GDMO sub-cadre to other sub-cadres if they so aspire and if they are found suitable for the post. Teaching should be considered as part and parcel of functions of any medical professional and the policy should allow teaching for suitable doctors irrespective of their sub-cadre affiliations to deal with scarcity of teaching personnel.

4. Help Desk for Doctors and Portal of Grievance-redressal: Doctors are made to run from pillar to post for personal matters like NOC for passport, vigilance and other clearances for visits abroad, sanction of study leave etc. Instances of violence against doctors and frivolous complaints are becoming frequent. These should be looked into and dealt promptly in a time-bound manner including completion of inquiry into such complaints.

We request that a designated cell in H&FW Department under a senior officer with requite authority and responsibility be made functional to help doctors follow their personal matters and pending issues if any for quick disposal. An institutional mechanism like a portal for service doctors and health personnel also be started for enabling them to file their complaints/grievance on same lines as has been done for general public.

5. Training Infrastructure and Reserves: Most states in India except Delhi have their own State Institutes of Health & FW for training of doctors and other health personnel. Thus there is no institutional mechanism for regular induction and in-service training of service doctor nor is there a training reserve in DHS (unlike IAS and IPS) to ensure that 5-10 % of the DHS/CHS doctors can be on training at any given point without aggravating the existing shortage of doctors. There is a provision for training and deputation reserve in Delhi Health Service but it is not implemented till date by adding as many duty posts.

We request that a model Delhi State Health Training Institute under a senior doctor be commissioned in Delhi that undertakes regular training of DHS doctors and other health personnel besides taking on the leadership role in this field besides gives thrust to training policy.

6. Deputation Allowance to those CHS Doctors still working against DHS duty posts: A number of CHS doctors are still working in Delhi against DHS posts but none has been given deputation allowance and even recognition to this effect.

We request that all CHS doctors working against DHS posts be permitted to be treated as on deputation as permissible under rules. Later, if required, some duty posts in DHS may be treated as deputation posts from CHS or other state health services to take the benefit of a larger pool of senior and experienced doctors.

7. Fairness and Equity - Uniform Retirement Age and Prevention of stagnation through DACP/NFU up to Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) : Health system of Delhi continues to treat similarly qualified doctors differently. It ignores seniority, discriminates among officers with qualification in postings and retirement. For example, there are situations when seniors with equal qualifications are made to work under their juniors. Sir, this was show-cased to you a few weeks back by doctors of a particular hospital. Similarly various sub-cadres of DHS have different retirement ages despite being part of the same service: 60 years for GDMO’s, 62 for non-teaching and public health specialists and 65 for teaching-specialists despite being a part of same seniority queue at Senior Administrative Grade (S.A.G.) level.

We request that such unfairness should be removed forthwith and all service doctors should be able to reach up to H.A.G. like their counterparts in other civil services. Earlier the MOHFW GOI had denied giving N.F.U. till HAG but Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in its judgement dated 13-10-2014 in W.P.(C) 4073/2014 filed by us against Union of India has ruled that this benefit granted by 6th PC be given to service doctors. Its implementation in GNCTD is awaited and we look forward to its early implementation under your leadership.

We also request you allow a common retirement age for all four sub-cadres of DHS to 65 years or more in view of increasing life expectancy in the country and shortage of doctors in the health system of Delhi.

Sir, we will be grateful if you could take note of above submissions and issue necessary directions for their implementation in a time-bound manner. We hope this would be in consonance to the vision of Delhi government to provide a model cadre for doctors in public service with excellent career opportunities and is able to draw the best talent in the country.”

The Secretary (H&FW) appreciated the concerns and the vision of DADWA team and agreed to all suggestions except regarding deputation allowance for CHS Officers stating some technical difficulties but agreed to revisit the issue at the time of revision of DHS Rules to include HAG posts and increase in retirement age to 62 to which he agreed in principle. He requested DADWA to provide him with such notifications in other states. The meeting was held in an atmosphere of mutual regard and understanding. DADWA team assured him of its full cooperation if and when called for as in the past. 

B. The S.L.P. in the Supreme Court about retirement age has been shifting for hearing week after week despite being mentioned thrice. It is now scheduled for 21-7-15 in the weekly cause list. Our advocate is tracking it regularly and we are ready for argument in this case. It is noteworthy that increase in retirement age was recommended by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health in its 65th Report submitted in March 2013. Members may see section 5.3 on page 98-99 of this report. It is reported that MOHFW and DOPT are in agreement on this issue and the matter is pending for approval of MOH for several months while doctors are retiring. DADWA is contemplating to meet the MOH along with AIGDMO Association in this regard to expedite this matter. Meanwhile member may contact the Ministers and MP’s to draw their attention to this important matter. A copy of this report is available in the download section of this website for ready reference of our members.

-Dr. Vijay Rai. Secretary (

PS: Contribute generously to DADWA’s legal corpus. Send cheque payable to “Delhi Admn. Doctors’ Welfare Association” to our treasurer “Dr. B.K. Dey, 45, Harit Niketan, West Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi -110034” contact no.9999882644