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DADWA has been constrained to undertake several litigations against the government which seems to be ignoring its own rules, decisions and policies that are in favor of service doctors. For example, members are aware that DADWA had to file cases against the government’s decision,


a.      to recover Transport allowance (TA) paid already and later to reduce it from the level recommended by the pay commission


b.      to give benefits of Non-functional upgradation (NFU) to CHS/DHS doctors as per 6th PC and as per Delhi High Court Orders


c.       to allow doctors to work till their age of retirement i.e. 65 years on their respective duty posts as decided by the Union Cabinet


Such an approach has forced other associations like JACSDO and AIGDMOA etc. to file a case against reduction of NPA. Even dozens of individual officers are in courts due to this.


We would not be far from truth to believe that the bureaucracy seems to be bent on creating unrest and chaos under the garb of public interest but in essence it is acting otherwise, and despite flak in the courts. The million dollar question in the mind of every service doctor is, “Is the bureaucracy fighting to prove its relevance in modern times?”


A large number of our members have conveyed that the mediocrity and superiority complex and ability to use the red-tape to block anything that the bureaucracy does not perceive to be in its interest has led to this situation. So the Union Law Ministry says “reduce the litigation to the minimum” but this is Greek to our own Health Ministry that is finding ways and means to do the exact opposite, forcing a large number of service doctors to knock the doors of the courts. There are unconfirmed reports that two senior doctors of the ministry have been coerced to withdraw cases but such tactics might be counterproductive for the bureaucracy as it has failed to gauge the anger of the service doctors. It is time the MOH takes note of this lest the onus of such unfair practices is tactfully transferred to the polity of the day.


 Let’s not forget that the bureaucracy draws strength from our fears, our divisions, poor camaraderie and belief of some of us who think they are more equal than others and that friendship towing the line of bureaucracy is the wisest thing to do. But things are changing and it is time that we learn that in terms of national interest there is nothing like we and they, it is all WE. Bureaucracy should realize they too have to deliver; and doctors are their best ambassadors and link between the government and the people by virtue of dealing with health at the grass root level. The high-headed and myopic approach of the ministry, failure to allocate sufficient financial and human resource and to manage them has led to problems that the bureaucracy is shying away to own. Recent report by C.B.H.I. and covered by NDTV today has drawn attention to an acute shortage of doctors in the country. It is a disaster in the making and the attention of the MOHFW is on how to make senior and experienced doctors relinquish the charge of their duty posts and force them to work under their juniors.


It is time the MOHFW does a rethink on its approach and strategy to manage the affairs of health in general and of the service doctors in particular.


There are many more things for us to convey to you but please wait for a while as we do not wish to inadvertently give-away our strategy in view of the ongoing our fight in the courts. But keep sending your views, fears, apprehensions on this website in its ‘Views and Comments’ section.


And last but not the least, be liberal in your contributions to DADWA, be it time, money or both.


Rest in the next update,


- Secretary DADWA


PS: We are grateful to our well-wishers from CGHS Chennai, Dehradoon, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Delhi for their support and financial contribution. Please use the views section of this website to exchange your opinions and suggestions.


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