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Posted By Admin
Posted On 16-03-2012
Comments Dear Dr. Anjana Kaushal, Both letters are available under the download section under the heading, "Ties with CHS of those who have opted for DHS". Please download any one of them that suits your needs and modify them if you so desire based on your specific situation. But please do not delay or else MOHFW can act unilaterally in denying your rights in CHS. These letters have been here for more than a month on this site and a large number of our colleagues have already used it and sent to the MOHFW, Regards, Dr. Vijay Rai, secretarydadwa@rediffmail.com
Posted On 13-03-2012
Comments I have been told by my colleagues(cmo nfsg) that all those who opted for DHS and due for their SAG promotion( like their friends now cadred with cghs) should fill two form ( UN AVAILABLE ON DADWA web site ) urgently. But what is this this sudden COLAVARI DE. will somebody senior amongt executive detail me regd.this. these form are not there in DOWNLOAD SECTION of DADWA. download should be made easiest. Dr. vijay rai sir . please comment
Posted By Admin
Posted On 31-01-2011

Dear Dr. Juneja,

The organizational structure of hospitals will remain the same whether doctors are regularized or not. Contractual doctors once regularized will be find their place in the seniority list of the cadre.  No senior can be forced to work under a junior by the hospital administration and seniority issues will be decided as per DHS rules or by the courts for the aggrieved officers. Don't forget to represent if you are aggrieved.

Posted On 21-01-2011
Comments What will be the organizational structure in the hospitals once the junior specialists appointed on contract are regularized vis a vis those who are already in regular service like PG GDMOs once DHS is formed. Some of them have started behaving obnoxiously even to be HOU/HOD of the department.
Posted On 17-01-2011
Comments Please read title date as 17-01-2011 and not 17-11-2011
Posted By Ashok Gupta
Posted On 23-12-2010

What is the progress about the designations of new SAG officers of GDMO sub-cadre? Is it necessary to seek the approval of the Govt. for tihs or is it withing the authority of the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.

It is ironical that the Govt. forgot to state so in its order of promotion and is treating the promoted officers in such a casual manner.

Posted By Admin
Posted On 17-11-2010

Dear Dr. Manas,

DADWA appreciates your concern. Our executive has done some work on this subject through a consultative process. DADWA believes that designation is not a mark of prestige alone but also an indication to the general public of the status of the officer that they are going to see or avail services of. it would vary according to the health care delivery organization and the prevailing nomenclature of the posts. Besides at some point of time all CHS Officers should be able to identify themselves with each other. We will be with you all shortly on this.

Dr. Vijay Rai, Secretary DADWA

Posted By Dr Manas Kumar Sinha
Posted On 16-11-2010
Comments There is some confusion regarding the Designation of the SAG officers in GDMO sub cadre recently promoted under DACP scheme. It may be recalled that the Designation of SAG in GDMO subcadre is SENIOR CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER.While in AIIH&PH, Kolkata in our joining letter we have mentioned our Designation as Sr. CMO; in other institute, it is learnt,they are using CMO(SAG) even only SAG as Designation. It is pertinent to mention that the officers belonging to the Teaching sub cadre and PH Specialist subcadre, promoted recently under the same DACP scheme are using their earmarked desigation of DIRECTOR PROFESSOR & CONSULTANT respectively. Please comment.
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