Delhi Administration Doctor's Welfare Association

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14th June 2019


The executive committee of DADWA unanimously condemns recent brutal attack on two young doctors at Kolkata's NRS Medical College while on duty, and the failure of public health system to protect them. ,,Ironically the Chief Minister of the State has failed to condemn the incident appropriately and instead tried to scuttle the spontaneous agitation triggered by the violent incident.

DADWA appeals all its members to join the protest-call given by the Delhi Medical Association. All members are requested to wear black-ribbon on left arm as mark of their protest and attend the meeting at DMA Hall at 1 PM in large numbers.

DADWA further appeals that its members should educate their patients, acquaintance, fellow government servants, law-makers and members of the press about the need for the civil society to rise to the occasion to condemn the attacks on members of the medical establishment.

Secretary DADWA